SOLD — Seiko 6309-7049 Turtle



For your consideration is a May 1986 6309-7049 Turtle. An extremely iconic vintage Seiko diver’s watch. The crystal is replacement hardlex from Klein.


The watch is completely original unto itself and I would rate the cosmetic condition as very good. The case has all of the original surface brushing on the upper surface and has not been polished; retaining all of its original case lines. There are few imperfections on the caseback. The dial and hands are in excellent condition with very clean luminous material.  The insert is incredibly well preserved with only minor blemishes and no loss of material. The watch comes with a new and unworn Uncle Seiko GL881 band. I have added an English/Kanji Day wheel.

Service and Warranty

I serviced this watch on 12/01/2022. That process includes a full cleaning and evaluation of all movement components and proper lubrication. Lubricants used were Moebius synthetic varieties appropriate for this watch movement type. The movement has two custom produced, American made jewels in the ports of the barrel arbor. The amplitude of the balance wheel is 250-270 range and the rate is (+/-) 2 sec/day. The case back and crown all have new, and factory correct seals.  The crown was mechanically rebuilt to replace the gasket. This watch comes with a 100% money back promise of originality and a 1-year limited warranty on the movement from the time of sale.

Shipping through USPS 2-day. Non-US buyers — I ship with a flat rate using USPS International priority.