Dr. Daniel Blair, PhD

Watches have always been my passion. Even as kid, I wanted to understand how these fascinating and intricate machines worked. Back in the ’80s, I always had a Swatch or a Casio calculator on my wrist; far too often they found their way to my “workbench”. Sadly, many of them succumb to the ever increasing entropy of my curiosity. Back then, I longed to have any watch with a rotating outer bezel that clicked as it turned. I never knew exactly why they did that, I just knew they adorned the wrist of Jacques Cousteau – the coolest person on Public TV.

My day job is science and education. I spend the bulk of my time teaching college students, while writing grants and papers about biological and soft condensed matter physics. To keep myself sane, I spend my precious free time restoring vintage mechanical objects (cars, motorcycles, and watches). Now I think it’s time to share my passion with you.

Whether you’re a first-time vintage watch owner, a long-time collector, or have a family heirloom you hope to preserve, your project will be treated with an unmatched level of care and attention.

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