SOLD – Seiko 6138-0030 Kakume




History of the Watch

This 6138 is part of my personal collection of watches. I do not know the origin before my ownership. I serviced this watch in the last week and it is running perfectly.


The watch is completely original unto itself and I would rate the cosmetic condition as a 9/10. The case is unpolished and shows age and wear commensurate with a 40+ year old watch. The dial is original to the watch and has a date stamp one month prior to the case date. The dial retains its “Seiko Blue” iridescence. The 10:00 marker has a slight imperfection and hands have some loss of lume quality. However, everything is completely original and untouched. The hands reset exactly to their vertical positions. Bracelet is an original and unique Seiko branded Stellux and shows some minor wear. Bracelet can be adjusted to fit all wrist sizes below 8 inches


I serviced this watch on 02/17/2021. That process includes a full cleaning and evaluation of all movement components and proper lubrication. Lubricants used were Moebius synthetic varieties appropriate for this watch movement type. The amplitude numbers are 240-250 range and the rate is +/- 2 sec/day. The case back, pushers and crown all have new, and factory correct seals. A complete YouTube video of that process is linked in this description.


This watch comes with a 100% money back promise of originality and a 1-year limited warranty on the movement from the time of sale.