SOLD – Seiko 7016-5011 Monaco



History of the Watch

This 1973 Seiko Monaco is part of my personal collection of watches. I do not know the origin before my ownership. I just serviced this watch and it is running perfectly (more below).


The watch is completely original unto itself and I would rate the cosmetic condition as a 8/10. The case has been lightly polished and shows age and wear commensurate with a 48 year old watch but is in amazing condition for the age. The dial is original to the watch and has a date stamp with the same year and month as the case date (39). The dial has the funky blue-yellow early 1970’s matte finish — a very unique style.  The dial and hands retain the factory applied luminous material. The hands reset exactly to their vertical positions. Bracelet is a Stelux from the period of the watch’s production time. The crystal is a NOS Seiko replacement.


I serviced this watch on 08/28/2021. That process includes a full cleaning and evaluation of all movement components and proper lubrication. Lubricants used were Moebius synthetic varieties appropriate for this watch movement type. The movement has a new jewel in the lower mainspring arbor port and a new mainspring. The amplitude numbers are 270-290 range and the rate is +/- 2 sec/day. The case back, pushers and crown all have new, and factory correct seals.

This watch comes with a 100% money back promise of originality and a 1-year limited warranty on the movement from the time of sale. Shipping is to CONUS through USPS 2-day. International is a flat fee using USPS international priority.