December 1974 Seiko 6139-6005 “Pogue”

Price: SOLD

For your consideration is a December 1974 6139-6005 Automatic Chronograph. This is the yellow dial variant without text on the dial.

History of the Watch

This 6139 was purchased from the original owner a number of years ago and it has been in my personal collection since that time. One service mark is inscribed in the case back, in addition to the one I put there a few months ago.


The watch is completely original unto itself and I would rate the cosmetic condition as a 6/10. The case is unpolished and shows age and wear commensurate with a 46+ year old watch. The dial is original to the watch and has a date stamp one month prior to the case date. The dial has some surface imperfections, similar to many of the yellow “Pogues”. Moreover, the hands have lost some luster over their lifetime and were relumed at some point in the past. However, the dial retains very clean factory lume on the hour markers. The chrono- sweep hand and minute recording hands are original and reset to their proper positions. The sweep hand had suffered some minor damage to the tube and I have corrected that issue during the time of service. The inner timing bezel rotates as it should and it is also original to the watch. The quick date set feature works perfectly. The crystal is a correct Hardlex 330W18GN00 from KVW. I am including a new Uncle Seiko tapered H-Link bracelet with all of the extra links included.


I serviced this watch 4 months ago. That process includes a full cleaning and evaluation of all movement components. Installation of two new jewels in the lower and upper mainspring arbor ports. The justification for that is as follows.

The main spring arbor, which resides in the barrel, is made from hardened steel and acts as the central shaft for the mainspring to wind around. The main plate of the movement is made from brass and is therefore considerably softer than steel. Over time, the constant lateral pressure exerted on the arbor port in the plate leads to tremendous wear on the hole that locates the position of the arbor. What results is damage to the main plate and the train bridge due to the “floppy-ness” of the barrel as it spins. It also results in real loss of power in the train due to the added rubbing between the barrel and the plates. This is the Achilles heel of these movements and if it’s going to run correctly, they must be jeweled. Jewels are harder than steel and therefore the fix is considered permanent. It also increases the working life of the watch indefinitely. The 6138 chronographs and the Grand Seikos from the era have jewels in the lower mainspring arbor port as Seiko realized this was a problem for the other 6000 series watches.

The movement is now fully jeweled and therefore has an indefinite lifetime given proper maintenance and service. Lubricants used were Moebius synthetic varieties appropriate for this watch movement type. The amplitude numbers are 230-240 range and the rate is +/- 2 sec/day.

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